Perspectives on the Indo-Pacific automatically places Indonesia and the Southeast Asian region as the central point that connects the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Regional policies emphasize the development of agreements, mechanisms and institutions for regional cooperation that enable all countries to manage common interests. Regional cooperation is a mechanism that allows countries to develop mutually beneficial cooperation and discuss and manage potential conflicts, distrust, suspicion and various other forms of threats. 

Non-traditional security issues are spread widely across various, different, but interrelated and sometimes overlapping areas – such as threats to the environment, food security, economic security, energy security, human security, maritime security and also several security threat phenomena that had never appeared previously such as the global financial crisis, internet hacking, drug-trafficking, to the spread of SARS, HIV, bird flu and so on. 

Maritime security conditions around the world are currently hampered by the Covid-19 outbreak. The Covid-19 outbreak forced WHO to issue a pandemic status in March 2020. The outbreak of this disease has begun to show that health problems have a close connection to social and political aspects of security. The Asia Pacific region in particular is now facing many challenges amid the many other incidents in their territorial waters. This makes it difficult for many countries in the region to share their focus such as between solving health problems caused by Covid-19 and the issue of territorial sovereignty in the South China Sea. Therefore, dealing with the above, a form of cooperation is needed to solve the range various maritime security problems. Cooperation in the spirit of helping each other, working collaboratively and having mutual understanding, every problem can be resolved collectively while benefiting all parties in achieving common interests. 

With this as the background, the Indonesian Navy is organizing the International Maritime Security Symposium 2021 for the fourth time in order for us to explore the latest maritime trends and challenges and to build a framework for effective multilateral maritime security cooperation in the region. This activity is expected to contribute to that effort, to create order and security at sea, and for the benefits to be enjoyed by all countries in the world.